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Illuminating Potential, Nurturing Success.

Edvanced Assessments specializes in bilingual Psychoeducational Evaluations, delivering Comprehensive Reports in both English and Spanish. Collaborating with Arizona and California school districts, we serve students from Preschool to High School, facilitating accurate special education needs assessments.

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Our mission

We are dedicated to fostering successful academic, behavioral, and social-emotional outcomes for all students. In collaboration with General and Special Education staff members, we develop tailored goals for Individualized Academic Programs (IEP) and Section 504 plans.

Our services cater to a wide array of needs, with special emphasis on providing psychoeducational assessments to bilingual (Spanish-English) students. We are committed to serving a diverse student body with a range of disabilities, including Preschool Severe Delay, Developmental Delays, Specific Learning Disability, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism (AUT), Multiple Disabilities, Emotional Disability, and Intellectual Disability.

Our mission is to empower each student to reach their fullest potential, ensuring that no educational challenge stands in the way of their success.

85% of ELs in Arizona are Latino (2020)
English / Spanish Evaluations
On-Site Services Provided
Arizona & California
Remote Friendly, HIPPA Compliant
Virtual Assessments
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Fixed Prices.  Easy Budgeting.

We use a fixed price and à la carte model so it's easy for us to provide an estimate and easy for your institution to budget.

Language Proficiency

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    • English / Spanish
    • HIPPA Compliance
    • On-Premise Services
    • Remote / Virtual Assessments
    • Direct-Line Support
    • IEP Representation

Giftedness Evaluation

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    • English / Spanish
    • HIPPA Compliance
    • On-Premise Services
    • Remote / Virtual Assessments
    • Direct-Line Support
    • IEP Representation
    • Cognitive Assessment

Psychoeducational Evaluation

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    • English / Spanish
    • HIPPA Compliance
    • On-Premise Services
    • Remote / Virtual Assessments
    • Direct-Line Support
    • IEP Representation
    • Cognitive Assessment
    • Psychomotor Development and Perception
    • Social Emotional Functioning
    • Executive Functioning
    • Adaptive Functioning
    • Observations of Behavior
    • Review of Records
    • Parent, Student, and Teacher Interviews
    • Academic Assessment


We have worked with hundreds of amazing kids

“As someone who has been working as a counselor and administrator in high schools for over 30 years, Ms. Castellanos is absolutely the best school psychologist I have worked with.”

Castro Valley School District

“Trustworthy, caring, highly organized, and dependable.”

Program Administrator
Downey Unified School District

“Many staff members, as well as students have come to me on several occasions to express how much of a positive impact Anna has had on their lives.”

Beam LLC

“Her bilingual abilities alone are outstanding and offer a level of cultural competence that is highly valued and well regarded throughout our school district.”

Director of Special Education Services
Walnut Creek School District

“… coordinated support for classroom teachers, provided them with direct support and recommendations … always thought ahead about what could be done next.”

Director of Special Education Services
Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District

Meet our leadership

  • Anna Castellanos

    MS School Psychology, Certified & Credentialed (AZ, CA)

    As a Salvadoran-American who grew up in California and has been residing in Arizona, Anna embodies a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of psychology. Her educational background includes a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology and a Minor in Business from California State University, Dominguez Hills, along with a Master’s of Science in School Psychology and P.P.S credential from the University of La Verne.

    With close to twenty years of experience in Education, Anna has developed a deep proficiency in assessing English Language Learners (ELL). This specialization, built upon years of hands-on practice, ensures she can accurately navigate and cater to the individual requirements of each student. Since 2012, she expanded her reach as an Independent Contractor, bringing her expertise to various school districts across Northern and Southern California.

    Anna is Certified and Credentialed professionally in both Arizona and California, and held a license as an Independent Psychologist in California (LEP). Anna has a rich experience of working across various grade levels and educational settings, from preschool to high school. Her breadth of expertise also extends to crisis management, having served as a valued member of School Districts Crisis Response Teams. Anna is also a published author of Salvi Niños, a children's book of Salvadoran Words.

    Anna's role as the Founder of Edvanced Assessments is guided by her dedication to the field of school psychology and the wealth of experience she brings to the table. Her work reflects a deep commitment to the betterment of students, their schools, and the communities they belong to.

Let's work together

Psychologist shortages? Backlog of assessments due to COVID-19 school closures? Contact us today to explore our suite of bilingual assessment services.

19580 W Indian School Rd 105-142
Buckeye, AZ 85396
+1 (602) 753-7129


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